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LAW OFFICE of DR. ALEXANDER AGHAYAN & ASSOCIATES, INC. (dec. 1963) was founded in 1912 by Professor Dr. Alexander Aghayan who had an active role in preparation and adoption of the Iranian Trademark & Patent Registration Act and the Revised Regulations thereto. Patent No. 1 was applied and registered in Iran 1931 by Dr. Alexander Aghayan when there was very limited knowledge about patents in Iran.

Since its establishment, in the course of more than 90 years, LAW OFFICE of DR. ALEXANDER AGHAYAN & ASSOCIATES, INC. has been the most leading law office engaged exclusively in Industrial Property issues namely trademark and patent registrations. It currently represents more than 3.000 clients worldwide and handles around 30.000 trademarks and patents that make almost 35% of currently valid trademarks and patents in Iran. This office also offers IP services in Afghanistan, Middle East and CIS countries through its local agents.

Our mission is to provide our clients with efficient, up-to-date, most reliable, and timely services and to safeguard their legitimate rights under our national laws. This office enjoys the expertise and profound knowledge of its most experienced staff and attorneys some of whom have been working in the field of Industrial Property for more than thirty years.

Unlike other local law offices, all the cases are taken care of collectively, by a group of attorneys some of whom are shareholders of this office. The Tehran Office is now run by Mr. Robert Martin a certified public accountant with more than 15 years experience in all aspects of Iranian patent and trademark registration and enforcement. Mr. Alexander Aghayan, grandson of the founder, allocates his time between Tehran and his New York practice and liaison office. He holds a B.A. in economics from Williams College, a J.D. from the Harvard Law School, and is a practicing attorney in New York City. Dr. Shams Behbahani, one of the most knowledgeable and skilled Iranian attorneys, conducts or oversees litigations. Dr. Shahin Aghayan heads the Paris, France liaison office. Other members of the staff counting 10, who have undergone various training courses, carry out trademark and patent registration formalities.

Note: Alexander Aghayan's function, as far as Iranian matters are concerned, is limited to assisting US and other persons in registering and protecting their intellectual property rights in Iran.



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